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Dr. Robert David Billington, flutist - Performer/Teacher

Flute Lessons - Concert Flute, Baroque Flute, Piccolo

In-Home Lessons for Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties

     For information regarding Dr. Billington's Doctoral Essay, "A Description and Application of Robert Aitken's Concept of the Physical Flute," please visit

     I have openings for dedicated flute students of all ages and abilities who wish to develop both technically and musically. My lesson fee for Zoom lessons is $50/hr.

     I travel to students' locations throughout the South Florida area. (Miami, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Delray, Palm Beach, the Florida Keys). The lesson fee is $60/hr for Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, $75/hr for Palm Beach County and the Upper Keys.

     Please contact me by e-mail at or by phone at 305-669-1754.

     Videos from the LGEM Flutes of March 3/22/11 Concert for the Boca Delray Music Society  Dr. Robert David Billington with two of his wonderful adult students - R. Scott Ireland and Emma Mellinger on modern and baroque flutes.

Howard - Irish Suite

Hook - Trio

My Teaching Background

     I have a Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in flute performance from the University of Miami, a Master of Music Degree majoring in flute performance from Western Michigan University, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northern Michigan University, and have also done post-graduate work at the University of Illinois and at Ball State University.

     In addition to my over thirty years of teaching privately, I have taught at the University of Miami, Boise State University, the University of Illinois, the University of Louisville Preparatory and Non-Credit Department, the Louisville Academy of Music, and at Ball State University.

Rates And Availability

     I teach at the student's location. My fee is a very reasonable $50/hr. There may be a mileage surcharge for longer distances. I have taught students from Boynton Beach to Homestead.

     I delight in teaching students who wish to improve quickly while learning - or relearning - the fundamental skills of flute playing. Many of my most loyal students are adults who are returning to the flute after years of "life." Ambitious younger students have sought me out when it became apparent that they were at an impasse flutistically and musically with their current teachers. And, of course, I enjoy starting beginning students off correctly so that they will not have to continually fix fundamental physical mistakes in the future.

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My Teaching Philosophy

When I was in high school, my family traveled 200 miles round-trip so that my brother and I could study with a retired member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra who had studied one summer, long, long ago with Marcel Moyse in St. Amour, France. Thus was I indoctrinated in the "French School" of flute playing at an early age. "De la Sonorite," "Taffanel-Gaubert Daily Exercises" and the like. My brother and I got a great flute education!

     I continued for many years to pass along this tradition of flute teaching until I reached Louisville, KY and started teaching about thirty students a week. It was then that I figured out that getting students to sound good on the long tones of "De la Sonorite" doesn't guarantee that the student can produce a good tone when performing real music!

     I then began teaching the physical fundamentals of flute playing in real music situations and found that approach to be much more beneficial than the "French School" method that I had been taught as a youth. Students could sound better faster and could make great strides flutistically and musically in a shorter amount of time.

     My biggest philosophical influence on flute performing and teaching occurred in about 1980 when I took a flute lesson from Robert Aitken, the great Canadian flute virtuoso. His manner of teaching was something I had not heard from the dozen or so other gifted flutists with whom I had studied. His teachings, along with my interpretations of his teaching, became the basis for my doctoral essay,
"A Description and Application of Robert Aitken's Concept of the Physical Flute."

     The basis of Aitken's concept's and my flute teaching and performing is very vocal in nature. Resonance is produced through proper support and breathing and through optimal placement of the components of the vocal tract. The body is set for optimal resonance on the low notes so that the upper partials can be obtained solely through the most minimal of lip movements. In this way, the flutist can produce a full, resonant sound with great facility.

     I have had great success with my students utilizing this method of teaching. Beginners of all ages start sounding good from day one of flute lessons. Many of my students have gone on to study music in college and have received scholarships to do so.. I also have several adult students, beginning through advanced, who are a constant joy to teach as they continue to develop musically.

Robert D. Billington