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Pensieri su Klizemer by David W. Solomons (b.1953)

Edited and arranged for solo flute by Robert D. Billington

Click here to hear the world premier performance of this arrangement for solo flute on January 9, 2006 at the Hibel Museum Promende Concert in Jupiter, FL.

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Program notes

Pensieri su Klizemer means simply "Thoughts on Klezmer."

Klezmer music is a type of Jewish folk music with strong roots in Eastern European Yiddish Culture. In Klezmer music the instrumentalist evokes human emotions such as laughing and crying through musical performance.

David W. Solomon's own words for the audience,

"This Klezmer-style melody was originally written to accompany a song based on a Channukah prayer (Al Hanisim), which forms part of the composer’s Winter Celebrations project. The accompanying melody then took on a life of its own as 'Thoughts on Klezmer'– Pensieri su Klizemer. It is a “stream of consciousness” piece which takes the listener through various moods, quoting phrases from the Channukah prayer and recalling times both of great jollification and of pensiveness.”