A Beautiful Card From One of my Great Students




A beautiful card from Sara, one of my great students. She’s a freshman at her high school and got first chair in her band in part by being able to play her FBA scales. She’s a talented hard worker.

The flute that I had her get is an incredible deal. Kessler Music in Los Vegas bought out the remaining stock of the Jupiter DiMedici series with an offset-G. It has been supplanted in the Jupiter lineup by the Azumi flute. Both flute models were designed by the Altus founder and flutemaker Shuichi Tanaka.

I have been having my students purchase these flutes with the D2 HJ with the gold riser. The 1311 with the gold riser and engraved keys only costs $1500 with a nominal additional fee for extras.

The flutes are so good that I went through Kessler and purchased an in-line 1311 with a C# trill key and a D# roller for myself. There are no more GC D2 headjionts left in the USA (to purchase) so my students are now getting the GC D6 HJ with their 1211 and 1311 flutes.

BTW, I haven’t been using my Cooper-scale Powell hand-made flute in years, because I prefer my Jupiter DiMedici flutes. Every once in a while, I get out the Powell and play it and think how nice it sounds. Then I play one of my Jupiters and think, “Oh, yeah. That’s why…”

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