Finally, My Own Flute Blog!

This blog is designed to aid flutists in general and my students in particular in achieving their goals as flute players and musicians.

The thoughts and materials presented will be largely elaborations and musings upon teaching with the techniques described in my doctoral essay “A Description and Application of Robert Aitken’s Concept of the Physical Flute.”

The codification of the ideas and techniques presented will aid in the development of my book-to-be, Secrets to Better Flute Playing.

These ideas and techniques herein are based upon research and empirical evidence. As this is a Blog rather than a scholarly paper, I am presenting the results of my research as fact without annotation. Please feel free to research my findings for yourself. Or, better yet, obtain a copy of my doctoral essay for annotations. 🙂 For a start here is a copy of the bibliography of my paper.

And now, two disclaimers.

1. What works for me and for my students is achievable by most, but not all. The ideas and techniques presented are at least worthy of consideration. Sometimes it takes quite a while to incorporate new ideas and techniques into one’s playing. Without proper tutelage it can sometimes be impossible. SKYPE, anyone?

2. Regarding posts in the Flute Mechanics category, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! I cannot be held responsible for any deleterious effects from the implementation any of my suggestions. If you do not have the mechanical skills (and why should you?), then leave tinkering with the flute to the flute repair person of your choice.

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