LGEM – The Music of Robert David Billington and Friends Promo Video

My Media Consultant, AndeeMedia.com, decided that it was high time for a promo video for my LGEM musical groups and teaching.

The musical backdrop for the video is the LGEM Duo video recording of Atrevidinha a choro from Brazil by Ernesto Nazareth.

LGEM, for those in the know, is an acronym for Latin Gringo Elevator Music.

My first demo tape of pop music in Miami (ca. 1989) was a compilation of popular and Latin music selections performed with flute, guitar, and conga. One initial listener likened the sound to “Elevator Music.”

So, okay, my brain stormed, “Hmm. Elevator Music. Huh! Wait, I’m a Gringo, the guitarist and the percussionist are both Latin. Why not Latin Gringo Elevator Music!?!” And a whole new musical genre was born. 🙂

If you like the video, please note that AndeeMedia.com is available for photo and video editing at very reasonable rates.

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