Back to the BLOG!

So I started this BLOG and then . . .

Hmm. Even the best of intentions. 🙂

Well, anyway, back to the BLOG!

Some interesting thoughts and developments. In no particular order.

Concert at Emma’s House.

How much practice time is enough?

Some thoughts on intonation.

What are some decent affordable piccolos?

How high the keys? Calibrating with calipers.

That should be enough to get me started. 🙂

Happy New Year!!!

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  • Update
    Several of my students have purchased the Kessler Custom Piccolo and have been very happy!

    Not so much my colleague who purchased one of the Trevor James piccs. The TJ piccolo had been withdrawn from the marketplace for manufacturing production issues. My friend had several unfortunate issues with the piccolo so, nyah, maybe not so much. She moved on to a Resona. Twice the price , but , hopefully, half the headaches.

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